Stylish, beautiful, innovative, modular cardboard cat box houses.

Yippee, we’ve made it. Ohmycat cardboard cube houses are stylish modular cat boxes designed for your cat, for you, your house, your fun and pleasure. The boxes have a great design, high durability on each side, they are multi-modular, oh… and cats love them. Ohmycat cubes are produced in many design lines that will fit your expectations.

It’s easy to join them (and unjoin) together by a special system of holes and screws.

Each box is made of two special designed similar shaped parts that you put together at home (DIY). Thanks to this we reduce the usage of cardboard usually waste in classic production of the boxes up to 30%!

All of the production is in Europe.

Design – Modular, Classy and CATchy

Cat, Dice & Liquid. Three Cute&Cube Cat House Design Lines.

The Ohmycat cube design is beautiful in its simplicity. Oh yeah, it looks great 🙂 It’s not only a cat-box but it’s also a piece of modern cardboard furniture. This elegant concept is easily adaptable to different ambients. Moreover, it is multi-modular. You can not only choose from a variety of cube designs of each box lines, but also rotate them on any position you want – and still join them creating a cat labyrinth houses.


The base stylish design is The Cat Cube. Its characteristic of the restricted cat-face design is widely recognized by many users. Cat line has neutral modern interior design. It also has many variations of cubes design that allows you to create a lot of different cat houses.

These cat houses look like a real DICE – for the love of game, for the love of the gamble :D. Nothing added. Oh, maybe just mention that all Dice houses (like every Ohmycat cubes) match with other cat cubes design lines.


The specially designed line for lovers of organic design. These modern cardboard houses are inspired by nature and floating drops. Many smooth, liquid-shaped holes will not allow you and your cat to get bored.

Modular cat cubes are easy to create custom forms of cat houses and labyrinths.

You can unjoint modules and customize them by joining on different combinations any time you want. There is no limit of modules you can put together. The length of the cardboard cat labyrinth is up to you.

Each box is made of two similar shaped parts that you put together at your home (DIY).


Modules advantages

  • Each cardboard Ohmycat box have identical cube dimensions
  • Each wall of Ohmycat house have special cuts near the corners to join the cat cubes by screws you get with product
  • Screws help you to unjoin and join again the Ohmycat boxes on different schemes with ease and without leaving non esthetic damages to the cat house
  • Screw system is not only an easy way to connect cat booths, but it is also the strongest one on the market.

The strongest cardboard cat houses

As a cardboard box the Ohmycat cubes have great external and internal durability on each side.

You can rotate Ohmycat cube to any position and the durability cat box will be strong and safe for your pet. Many advantages make our boxes the strongest and most durable on the market (that you can enjoy the product for longer). These are some of them:

Durable cat-houses

  • Cat cardboard modular houses have great durability on each side. 
  • The cat cube has a special patented design that reinforces the structure from crumple, collapse or squash.
  • The cat house has strong 5 layer cardboard with two flutes that brace the cat cube for more durable experience. 
  • Specially cut corners give to the cubes not only an intriguing design but also protect the construction from damages and non-aesthetic squashes on the corners caused by long-term use. 

Ecology cardboard cat-house construction.

Not only material is ecology; we also thought about how to reduce the material used to produce the boxes. We’re also limitting usage of plastic in packaging as far as we can.

Cat-friendly, Eco-friendly

  • Ohmycat boxes are totally realized in fully recyclable cardboard.
  • The exclusive design construction (which is DIY) of Ohmycat boxes helps reduce the material used for similar products which could use up to 45% more.
  • No glue is used to join the walls of the product.
  • No foil! We limit usage of plastic as far as we can. We do not use plastic bags to pack the products, we use a paper tape on the transport box and we do not wrap the box by foil if it’s not necessary.