Ohmycat Cat C0C1 B

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Ohmycat Cat Line – parts C0-C1 Colour: Brownish

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Ohmycat Cat Line – parts C0-C1.

Cat line has a neutral modern interior design. It also offers the largerst number of cubes design variations. With more such cubes you can create lots of different cat maze-houses, so that you will have fun and not get bored. There are more Design Lines to choose from. As they made of cardboard, the Ohmycat cubes have outstanding external and internal durability on each side. Click for more information. You can unjoint modules and customize them by joining them in different combinations whenever you feel like it. This is thanks to a really simple system of screws and holes in a cat box. Here you can read more. As we try to keep it green, we cut down on the usage of both cardboard and plastic. Read more. Each cardboard cat box consists of two specially designed similarly shaped parts that you can put together at home (DIY). To each box we add a cardboard cat-balls and some hemp rope for your pet to play with.

Dimensions – 31,5 cm (12,5 in)

The external dimensions of a single Ohmycat box are approximately 315x315x315 mm (12,5×12,5×12,5 in).

Material, Colours and Textures of cat house

5-layer (EB flute) cardboard, whitish or brownish (regular cardboard box brown) – but sometimes we have limited editions in stock with other extra special laminations, like wood-texture. Please remember, that colours on your computer display may differ from those on the actual product.

What you get when you buy this Ohmycat product

  • Two half-parts (C0-C1) that build one Ohmycat box: 315x315x315 mm (approximately),
  • 3x cat-balls,
  • 2m of hemp rope – so you can create cat-toys for your pet,
  • 2x screws – keep it, or use it – if you already have more than one box you can join them together,
  • Instruction manual – to easily put the parts together,
  • A lot of fun.

Enjoy 🙂